Fencing – whose responsibility is it?

Garden Fence Responsibility

So, your fencing is starting to look a bit on the shabby side, a little droopy, a little down at heel. The posts are leaning at a funny angle, and it is starting to rattle in the wind. But, can you just go ahead and fix it? Is it even your fencing to fix? Who owns the fencing? You, or your neighbours?

Fencing and boundary agreements

Boundary law can be complex, but it is worth checking thoroughly so that you understand who is responsible for the boundaries of your property. If you own your house, you can check on the title deeds. If the boundary is marked with a ‘T’ then you are responsible for that boundary. If two ‘T’s are joined together to make an ‘H’ then this signifies that you are jointly responsible for the boundary with your neighbour. If you live in a rented property check with your landlord or letting agent about the boundary.

If there are no boundary agreements on your property the simplest thing to do is to go and talk to your neighbours. Ask them! Usually, both of you will want the fencing to be good and safe, so it benefits you both to work out an agreement. Often people share the cost, or if one party wants to upgrade the fence they can simply pay outright, but it is important to still discuss this with your neighbours. Most problems can be avoided with a simple conversation.

If your neighbours are tricky, it can be worth getting a boundary agreement drawn up by a solicitor. Whilst this can be expensive, it might be worth it in the long run. Though hopefully, all fencing improvements can simply be discussed with your neighbours over a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits, which are infinitely cheaper than solicitors!

If you are considering replacing or upgrading the fencing in your garden, talk to us. We can advise you on what will work well for your space and on how to discuss this with your neighbours. We can show you examples of our work, so that you show your neighbours, to help the discussions along. Good quality fencing is important to keep your garden safe, secure and protected. At Worcestershire Fencing we make sure that every job is approached with professional enthusiasm and hard work to ensure that your fencing is just what you (and your neighbours!) wanted. Call our friendly team today on 01684 303654.