Overhanging boughs? Tree surgery is the answer!

Tree Surgeon In Worcestershire

Tree surgery is one of those things, where it is better to pay for the job to be done properly than to do it yourself. Lots of things you could do yourself quite happily without the need to pay for a professional, but some things really are better left to the professionals.

A good tree surgeon can fell a tree so that it lands precisely where they intended. This means that they can fell a tree beside a greenhouse and not break a single pane of glass. This means that if you have overhanging boughs near your house, a good tree surgeon can remove them and get them safely to the ground without damaging your house. A good tree surgeon can remove branches without destroying your carefully planted borders underneath, or without damaging the tree itself.

It can be an overlooked skill, tree surgery, but it is just as important as a good plumber, or a good electrician. You wouldn’t mess with your house electrics without knowing what you are doing, so why would you mess with your trees without knowing what you are doing? A large tree falling in the wrong place can be both dangerous and expensive.

As with all trades, it is wise to remember the story about the man with the hammer… There are various versions of this story, but the basic tale goes that a man comes out to fix a complicated machine that has puzzled many engineers and hits it with a hammer. The machine starts to work. The man presents a bill for £1000 to the boss. The boss is most indignant and says, “but you only hit it with a hammer”, “ah,” replies the man, “£20 of the bill is for hitting it with the hammer, the other £980, is for knowing where to hit.”

So, if you are contemplating the trees in your garden and are considering whether or not to use tree surgery, remember this story. Anyone can cut some branches off, but it is how and where you cut the branches that matters. With Worcestershire Fencing we always discuss how best to trim your tree, both for the final look of the tree, the safety of those around the area and the long-term health of that tree. For an informal and no-obligation discussion, contact our friendly and professional team today. Call us now on 01684 303654.