10 Year Worcestershire Fencing Installation Guarantee – Fencing

10 Year Fencing Guarantee

What is the guarantee for?

This covers the physical installation of the fence and ensures the correct practices are followed:

  • Correct depths of excavation – minimum 2′ – flat ground with standard conditions OR between 2′ and 3′ depth on bank, unstable ground or open to elements.
  • Correct amount of postcrete/concrete to support the post – minimum 40kg on a standard depth hole, 60kg when dug between 2 and 3`.
  • Correct finish of concrete around the timber posts – When postmix has been used we would top up with traditional concrete at a ratio of 4 parts sand & gravel to 1 part cement. This would bring the finish height closer to surface. The concrete would have a domed finish, moving standing water away from the base of the post.
  • Correct level of support for the concrete gravel boards – The concrete around the posts would form the base for the ends of the gravel board. This stops the gravel board from dropping over time.

What does this guarantee cover?

The 10 Year Fencing installation guarantee covers the installation of the fence, using materials sourced and installed by Worcestershire Fencing Ltd. This guarantee excludes cover for any material, it’s an installation only guarantee.

If the guarantee has been validated, we will repair any failings related to the installation. New materials would be subject to cost. When working on the guarantee, we would provide the concrete and postcrete required to reinstall – this is the only material included.


The purpose of this guarantee is to cover the installation only- this excludes the actual material/product used in the installation. Additionally, we cannot accept liability arising from:

  • Land slide/subsidence – Any signs of subsidence/landslide the guarantee would be invalidated.
  • Extreme weather (Relating to wind and floods) – If the fence was to fall or lean due to extreme weather, this guarantee would be void. This would be announced by the Met Office Weather- winds recorded in the area over 90mph or flooding/heavily saturated areas.
  • Tampering – If the fence has been tampered with, causing supporting ground to be compromised. For example – Ground excavation for a landscaping project or building project.
  • Unforeseen actions – Forced entry, civil unrest, heavy impact or willful damage.
  • Tree roots/tree growth/hedge roots/hedge growth – The growth of trees/hedge and the roots from trees are impossible to manage. If it’s deemed the tree/hedge has directly affected the fence, the guarantee would be void.
  • Misuse and neglect – If the material has been damaged, causing additional stress on the installation, for example, chipped or broken posts.
  • Fence is used as supporting structure – for example – climbing plants and trees, washing lines, lean-to.
  • Retaining ground – A neighbor or customer has used the fence to retain ground, any change to the original finished ground height at completion of work would fall under this category.

Additional terms of agreement:

  1. The purchaser has validated the guarantee through the website, within a 30-day period from date of invoice.
  2. This guarantee is non-transferable, unless priorly agreed and a new contract drawn up.
  3. If when carrying out the guarantee work, we subsequently discover issues unrelated to the installation, we reserve the right to charge for our incurred expenses.

What costs are not covered?

Our liability is limited to the installation of the fence- it will not extend to additional loss or damage. We are unable to cover coincidental loss, for example- loss of use, accommodation expenses, loss of earnings, hire of temporary fencing, inconvenience or telephone calls.

How do I claim the Guarantee?

Stated below is the correct procedure to follow:

  1. Contact our office via email or phone: info@worcestershirefencing.co.uk or 01905 887005.
  2. After discussion, if we find the problem relates to the guarantee, we will send out a representative to assess the damage. We will then compile a report and implement the necessary steps. We would resolve the issues based on our findings, not those of a 3rd party.
  3. The office will contact you with the steps to resolve, if the claim lines up with the guarantee.
  4. All repair/reinstate work is to be carried out by Worcestershire Fencing Ltd, in accordance with our standards, at our cost.
  5. On completion of the work, the defective material would be removed and disposed of by Worcestershire Fencing Ltd, at our cost. If the customer wishes to keep any items, that may be arranged.

Any further conditions?

  • Installation date – This guarantee comes into place for all installations after 28th May 2024.
  • Statutory rights – Your statutory rights are not affected.
  • Modifying the agreement – Worcestershire Fencing Ltd reserves the right to modify and amend the terms set out in this guarantee, this would be without notice.