Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer in Worcestershire

Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer Worcestershire

The Jacksons Fencing business was started in 1947 and is run today by the founder’s grandson, Peter Jackson.

Using only carefully chosen, sustainable timber, built with crafted joints and stainless steel fixings, the Jacksons’ wide range of timber fence panels and gates are designed to last.

This Jakcure treatment applied to all Jacksons timber products involves a strict process of carefully chosen timbers being kiln-dried so that the moisture content is reduced to that specified for that type of wood. Then, a preservative is forced by vacuum/pressure right through the outside sapwood to the heartwood, forming an insoluble compound that protects against rot and insect attack. Whilst not the cheapest, their products are guaranteed against rot and insect attack for 25 years.

We are proud to be Approved Installers of Jacksons Fencing products and members of the Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer Programme. This means that our teams are trained and experienced in all aspects of Jacksons Timber products and how to install them safely, professionally and with great care. We are also
committed to the Jacksons Customer Charter, which includes a Code of Practice that we agree to follow from enquiry right through to fitment.

Jacksons Fencing – crafted for life. Made with passion. Proudly fitted by Worcestershire Fencing.