Charity begins at home… or in your garden (perhaps)

Worcestershire Fencing Supports Acorn’s Childrens Hospice

A famous person bestowed his wisdom upon us and urged us not to try and change the world but to do what you could that was within your reach.

For many people, giving to charity is a way of demonstrating care for others whether this is to benefit animals, people, the environment or a cause. At Worcestershire Fencing, we have chosen to support Acorns Children’s Hospice – a wonderful, friendly and worthwhile charitable institution created to support the needs of poorly children, their carers and relatives.

Doing great work for over 2 decades, their mantra is “Stronger together”. We understand what this means very clearly as our business would not survive if we didn’t operate under the same belief with every member of the team playing their part. We are lucky, though, as we are able to work, live normally, enjoy our freedoms and spend the time we have available in almost any way we like. Children with serious health conditions may never enjoy this way of living so we need to do whatever is necessary to ensure that their lives are made easier, their time enriched and the struggles of their families recognised.

This is why, from 2023 onwards, we are adopting Acorns Children’s Hospice as our nominated charity. We have already donated and will continue to do so through 2024 and beyond in the hope that our small gift will make a small difference but, combined with many other similar gifts will make a huge difference to one or more families badly affected by the health of their child.

We dig deep into the soil to build our fences and we will dig deep into our pockets to make that little bit of a difference.