Mirrors… are you watching out for yourself carefully enough?


Driving can be hazardous if you cannot see what is coming towards you. This is never more so than when exiting or leaving premises where your line of sight is impaired. This might be due to obstacles or a bend in the road. The answer to solving this problem might be to install a convex mirror. When located professionally and accurately, these can afford you a much safer view of the road – a view not seen simply by looking through the car window. Being convex, they give a fish eye’s view of the road so that you can see, quite literally, what is coming around the bend.

Many of this type of mirror has been around for over 70 years and were normally made of mirrored glass. This made them susceptible to being broken by flying gravel or vandalism. Modern mirrors of this type are now made from Polycarbonate or Acrylic materials, which are impact-resistant, so longevity is assured. Being lightweight as well as fully adjustable, these mirrors can be moved easily should conditions alter and a slight tweak in the angle is required. Similarly, should you change vehicles and shift from a low-slung sports car to a high-riding lorry, the angle of the mirror can be adjusted to suit.

They say we all look different in a mirror from the way we perceive ourselves actually to look. In the case of a traffic mirror, though, this is a small price to pay to install such a device designed to keep your good looks intact.

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