Embracing Social Media

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For the past 17 years, our business has relied upon word of mouth and recommendations for it’s continued success. In line with all types of businesses – large and small, international and local – we need to run with the times and embrace social media.

Far from being scared to expose ourselves to the dangers of criticism being aired in a public arena, we have to remember that feedback about what we are all about will only improve our profile as long as we continue doing what we have always done. The difference now, is that everyone reading online about Worcestershire Fencing is made immediately aware of who we are and what we can do and what others think of us. And read this for themselves. So, as well as receiving recommendations via word of mouth, we can now look forward to direct contact with new customers who can easily learn about our successes and the good work we have carried out for people they do not know and who they may never meet.
Subtly different from advertising – such as in a magazine or newspaper where the interaction is 2 dimensional and very much one way – social media is an organic and effective way of communicating your business worth via different streams and to untold numbers of people.


So embrace it.

Worcestershire Fencing – find us on Instagram and Facebook. Then ring us on 01905 887005 where you will speak to a non-digitized, real person who will be happy to help.