A stitch in time…

Repair Storm Damaged Fence

Storm damage has, once again, caused havoc across the country. Flash floods have driven water higher and higher, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Strong winds combined with heavy rain have left scenes of destruction in their wake. You may be looking sadly across your once beautiful and tidy garden, at your sagging fence, worrying about when the next onslaught of severe weather will strike and what damage it will cause this time. However, it can be better to act, rather than wait for the storms to hit again.

A loose or weakened fence will be more susceptible to damage during a storm, and the knock-on effects can be devasting. That loose fence panel could be ripped out by the wind and hurled across your garden, smashing everything in its path. Once the panelling is weakened it becomes much less resilient. Acting now by replacing the weakened section of your fence, could save you money in the long run, as the damage caused could be expensive.

We understand that budgeting can be tricky, especially in the run-up to Christmas. If you want to repair your damaged fence rather than replace the whole fence, please speak to us. In some instances, and depending upon the design of the fence, we may be able to do the vital work now, and the less pressing areas of your fencing at a later date. We always listen to what you want, and if possible, work around your schedule and budget. Though if we felt your fence was dangerous, we would advise you to have it replaced completely, as your safety is always our top priority.

We have a range of different types of fencing available and are always happy to discuss what will suit you best. Whether your top priority is privacy, design, or price, we will have the ideal solution for your needs. Different styles of fencing work well in different locations and we can use our knowledge to advise you accordingly.

Whether you are looking for a whole new fence to replace your storm damaged fencing, or simply some advice about how to repair your fence, we can help. At Worcestershire Fencing we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly, efficient and professional service, whatever the size or budget of your job. To discuss your fencing requirements in and around Worcestershire, please call us today on 01684 303654.