Don’t forget about your commercial buildings grounds maintenance

Office Car Park Maintenance Company Worcestershire

Lots of us are heading towards year-end. The dreaded hunting for paperwork, making sure the accounts are fully up to date, chasing up Dave for that lost invoice… again. Our heads are entangled in profit and loss, balance sheets, and stock taking. Other important areas of our businesses are being pushed to one side to make room for the end-of-year. But don’t forget about your commercial buildings, and commercial garden and grounds maintenance for them.

The recent storms have battered the country. Tidying up after storms can be an added workload for your workforce. You could promote a bit of team building and get your office staff out in the car park and surrounding areas sweeping and trimming and tidying… or we could do your commercial garden and grounds maintenance for you. Remember that anyone coming to your business will see your car park and surrounding areas first before they reach your reception. We all spend time, money and resources on our virtual shop windows (our websites!) but sometimes seem to forget about our actual shop windows.

Put down your end-of-year spreadsheets and go outside and look around. We tend to not notice what we see every day, we become acclimatised to that pile of debris in the corner of the car park, we know not to park too close to the borders, so that bushes don’t scrape our cars, we know the pathway up to office door is not flat and there are protruding paving slabs. But our visitors don’t, our visitors notice. They are making a judgement about your business from the moment that they drive into the car park. Make sure that their judgement is a good one.

Our commercial garden and grounds maintenance services are always designed around you and your business requirements. If you want a regular monthly or weekly service, we can do this. If you simply want a spring tidy up, we can do this. If you want a combination of the two, we can do this! We are always flexible and ready to work around your needs.

To book an appointment for a no-obligation look at your commercial gardening and ground maintenance requirements, call our friendly and professional team. We have years of experience and plenty of enthusiasm, so whatever challenges your buildings and surrounding areas throw at us, we will be ready for it. To speak to our efficient team today, please call Worcestershire Fencing on 01905 887005