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Commercial Office Grounds Maintenance

As a successful owner or manager of a business, you will know how hard it is to get everything done. Keeping on top of everything: finance policies, the HR department, health and safety legislation, the Christmas party, and of course Brexit can leave you feeling pulled in too many directions. Let us take the worry of your ground maintenance away leaving you one less thing to do on your checklist.

At Worcestershire Fencing we offer a choice between a one-off job or a low-cost monthly contract. A one-off job can be ideal when the maintenance has got out of hand; maybe you have recently moved premises, or simply been preoccupied with the day to day concerns of your business. Whereas a monthly contract gives you the peace of mind that your premise is being regularly maintained to a high standard without you having to lift a finger

We spend thousands of pounds in business on our websites, showing off our virtual “shop window”, designing brochures, creating videos, but if we forget to maintain our actual shop window, those potential clients that we spent money on acquiring will go elsewhere. If your website is clean and gleaming and tended, make sure your premises are also. There is no point in having a beautiful reception area with glossy pictures and fresh flowers if your clients have already been put off by the exterior.

The exterior of your business is one of the first impressions that people receive when they arrive at your business, so make sure it is a good one. Well-tended parking areas with neat hedges and borders give new arrivals an immediate good feeling. A straggly hedge with overgrown borders scraping along the cars and poorly marked parking bays, won’t fill your potential clients with positive feelings about your company. Likewise, unkempt areas around your front door reflect badly upon the professionalism of your business. After all, you wouldn’t want your staff wandering around in dirty trainers greeting clients, would you?

With Worcestershire Fencing we can provide one-off or monthly ongoing ground maintenance services. Whatever business you are running, it will benefit from looking tended and tidy. Let us take care of it for you leaving you to concentrate on your company. If you want to talk about your business needs, please call our friendly and professional team today for a no-obligation discussion about your requirements, call us now on 01684 303654.